Marley Dias Gets it Done and So Can You! Book Review

A Book Review by Vanassa LaFleur, West Orange Public Library Teen Book Reviewer


Image result for Marley Dias Gets it Done and So Can You! book coverMarley Dias Gets it Done and So Can You! is a nonfiction book by Marley Dias, addressing social activism and standing up against many of the issues facing contemporary society. Marley Dias is a 13 year old fighter for change and founder of #1000blackgirlbooks. In this book, Dias tells readers of her experience standing up for more black girl representation in literature while also teaching readers how to do so themselves. This book is an inspiring story of how change cannot only be made by adults. Kids have the capability to bring about change and make the world a better place too.

Personally, I think that this is one of the most influential books that I have ever read. Marley Dias’ fighting spirit and enthusiasm is shown through her diction throughout the entirety of the book. The colorful pages, pictures, and quote kept me fully engaged in reading. Although Dias is younger than I am, I look up to her and hope to be able to speak up against injustice in the world. Ultimately, this book would be a great read for middle school and high school students who are interested in taking action against today’s social issues.