Art Exhibit

Artist Nupur Nishith Presents Mithila Painting (Folk Art from India)
"Nupur Nishith is a USA based artist, born in Madhubani district of Mithila region in India. Growing up in the environment famous for a unique ancient folk art of Mithila / Madhubani Paintings she took up the art at an early age from her mother. Even during education and profession in marketing and banking her passion for art continued through participation in exhibitions and conducting workshops in India. Since moving to US she has tried to explore new avenues such as paper, cloth, wood, ceramic, terracotta, glass, everyday products etc. along with the traditional mural paintings on walls and floors." (
Nupur Nishith discusses Mithila or Madhubani Painting, folk art from India. Discussion will include its origins, introduction, styles, themes, commercialization, status in new age world, global presence, some famous artists. The presentation will premiere on YouTube.
The video showcases selected artworks by Nupur Nishith hand painted in various mediums on paper, canvas, installations on wood, aluminium, working piano, murals on wall, ceiling, and also digital art. The presentation will premiere on YouTube.
This video briefly demonstrates some of the popular patterns used in border design, and some popular motifs of Lotus, Fish and Peacock. The presentation will premiere on YouTube.