The Unlikelies Book Review

A Book Review by Vanassa Lafluer, West Orange Public Library Teen Book Reviewer  

The Unlikelies by Carrie Firestone 

What do a mixed Iranian-Irish girl, a rich and extremely intelligent white boy, a Haitian artist with a full grown beard, a Hispanic girl who donates school supplies, and a rebellious puppy photographer have in common? They all share the common mission of making the world a better place, one good deed at a time. Sadie, Gordie, Jean, Val, and Alice are The Unlikelies, a group of anonymous cyber vigilantes working to stop online bullying and trolling. Together, they faced countless problems head on. However, this never would have happened if Sadie never had her tragic “incident” that summer. “In a summer where nothing was supposed to happen...everything did.”

The Unlikelies by Carrie Firestone is a realistic fiction novel following Sadie Sullivan’s summer after junior year, one that was due to be lonely due to her college-bound friends. Nevertheless, it ended up being one of the most eventful summers she had ever experienced. This book was a blend of multiple genres like mystery, drama, and romance. It is a definite page turner, leaving readers intrigued as they follow the actions of Sadie and the rest of The Unlikelies as they become just the thing the internet (and the world) needed. I recommend this novel for ages 13 and older as it deals with some mature subject matter. For those who do read it, it is sure to be an interesting one.