Wonder Woman Warbringer Book Review

A Book Review by Arthi Sivendra, West Orange Public Library Teen Book Reviewer   

Princess Diana has always felt out of place among her immortal sisters on the island of Themyscira. Unlike the other Amazons, she was born there instead of earning her place through heroic acts in the World of Man leaving her desperate to prove herself.  At last, she is given the chance once she saves a drowning girl, however, helping an outsider is a crime worthy of banishment. Diana soon learns that the girl, Alia, is a Warbringer, a descendant of Helen of Troy and a catalyst for violence and destruction. While Alia is reluctant to believe her ancestry, the two travel back to the World of Man in search of a spring that is rumored to cleanse Alia and end the Warbringer line. However, those who do not believe in the spring aim to kill Alia before she can descend the world into bloodshed. With the help of Alia’s friends and brother, Diana and Alia travel to Greece in an attempt to survive and hopefully save the world.

As always, Leigh Bardugo creates an immersive world filled with diverse and relatable characters. The writing is engaging and witty as it switches from both Diana’s and Alia’s perspectives to keep the plot moving while developing both protagonists. The twists and turns will leave you shocked and eager for more. I would highly recommend this book is perfect for fans of adventure and the Percy Jackson series.

Arthi Sivendra, West Orange Public Library Teen Book Reviewer