Buried Heart Book Review Book Review

A Book Review by Niyat Michael, West Orange Public Library Teen Book Reviewer

Buried Heart is the third book of the Court of Fives Series and is written by Kate Elliott. I would recommend you read the books in order, because the previous ones set the tone for everything. Otherwise you miss most of the important parts of the series. However, it’s still a great novel even if you start on the third book. I stayed with this series because of the strong characters that are in this novel. The strong feminine roles also helped me stay with this novel. It’s so appealing because of the main idea of the book. It’s a political revolution and that setting is really interesting to read as it develops.  My favorite character is Jessamay’s mother, she has gone through a lot like raising over three children by herself

The main character, Jessamy, is a young woman whose life is dangerously built on the whims of a society on the brinks of destruction and change. She is the daughter of an upper class Patron and his Commoner partner and is also mixed race of Sarose and Efean, the two main races in this universe. Jessamy has been training to compete in the multi-level athletic course of the Fives and she is really good at it. The course is usually for Patron males not females, and for her to not be a pure one is truly astonishing. Jessamy experiences conflict within herself, pulled apart by her love for her Patron father and her Patron lover Kalliarkos, just as she is dedicated to the cause of her Commoner side. Throughout this book, we see Jessamy find out who she truly is as a person and we watch her grow.  This book is a political revolution story, but it is also a test of relationships.

I really enjoyed this book. If you have read and liked A Court of Thorns and Roses, The Hunger Games, or The Throne of Glass Novellas you will enjoy it too.